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Giancarlo Taliano - Fruit and vegetables   Giancarlo Taliano - Fruit and vegetables

The business produces and sells fresh fruit and vegetables, and also organizes horticulture courses. Crops are grown homeodynamically, a system which combines biodynamic and homeopathic knowledge. The farm shares the ideas of Civiltà Contadina (an association for the defense of rural biodiversity) and collaborates with the Albero della Vita association which promotes the homeodynamic approach.

Azienda Agricola Costa Catterina - Wine   Azienda Agricola Costa Catterina - Wine

Costa Catterina has produced the traditional DOC wines of the Roero for many years: Barbera d'Alba, Nebbiolo d'Alba, Langhe Dolcetto "Cianciuri" (reds) and Roero Arneis "Arsivel" DOCG (white). In addition to these classic wines, the range includes Moscato Piemonte and Spumante method charmat "Brut ma brut" (70% arneis and 30% chardonnay).
Tel - Fax +39 0173/213403

Marcarino - Bread and Baked Products   Marcarino - Bread and Baked Products

Baked products using stoneground organic flour, natural sourdough starter, and a wood-fired oven.

Marcarino Roddino, Il Forno del Buon Pane - Roddino (CN) - 0173/794088

Rosanna Cancellara Tomasi - Jams, aromatic herbs   Rosanna Cancellara Tomasi - Jams, aromatic herbs

The Colle San Michele farm was started in the 1980s and lies at the foot of the Borgo San Michele hill near Nizza Monferrato. The area is recognized for its quality produce, a result of the climate and land, which is particularly suited to growing the excellent Slow Food Presidium "Hunchback Cardoon". With their knowledgeable background, Rosanna and Lino have revived traditional Piedmontese recipes and launched a line of choice products called "Le Delizie di Rosanna". In addition to producing jams with aromatic herbs, Rosanna grows old aromatic and ornamental herb varieties for infusions and teas which enhance the gardens. The products are organically grown and only available in limited quantities as they are seasonal and only self-produced.

Azienda Agricola Colle San Michele - 0141/793390 -

Alessandro Boasso - Goat cheese and Potatoes   Alessandro Boasso - Goat cheese and Potatoes

Immersed in the woods of the Upper Langhe in the municipality of Mombarcaro, Amaltea farm was started in 2007. The green surroundings and tranquility immediately inspire respect for the environment and biodiversity in running the farm. It was decided to farm Langhe sheep (an endangered breed) and join the consortium for the conservation and promotion of the Upper Belbo Valley potato. The farm's 17 hectares includes meadows, pastures, fields and woods. It has used Ecocert certified organic methods since early 2009.

Amaltea di Alessandro Boasso - Mombarcaro (CN) - tel. 335 1412415 -

Angelo Poggio - Honey   Angelo Poggio - Honey

Cascina Poggio delle Viole is a small beekeeping business located in the remote hills of Cravanzana, north of the Belbo valley.
It is a family-run activity, with Angelo and his wife Teresita sharing the same passion for beekeeping, nature and the woodlands of the Upper Langhe. A long way from intensive crops and environmental pollution, the surrounding woods provide the bees with blossom from acacia, cherry, chestnut and lime trees.
They produce a variety of types of honey from a wide area, ranging from quality lavender honey collected at the foot of the Ligurian valleys to mountain honey from the upper Po valley.
Extraction is carried out without using heat in order to maintain all the natural properties of the honey. 

Azienda Agricola Cascina Poggio delle Viole
tel: 3381186178 / 3335346758

Massimo Giordano - Sheep and cow's milk cheese   Massimo Giordano - Sheep and cow's milk cheese

Situated in the Upper Langhe, this farm has operated for several generations, focusing on sheep and cattle whose milk is used to make highly-regarded cheese.
Massimo, helped by members of the family, runs the farm and produces traditional PDO cheeses exclusively using milk from his animals; the sheep and cattle are free range or given fresh forage and feed produced by the farm. The sheep and cow's milk, mixed in varying proportions according to the desired product, is processed raw with only the addition of rennet and salt.
The cheese is sold fresh or aged in refrigerated rooms. Due to the 800 meter altitude, a cool, breezy climate and the type of feed, the product never has a standardized taste. A constant focus on animal welfare, tradition and technological improvements, particularly regarding hygiene, allows raw milk to be processed safely and turned into top quality cheese.

Azienda Agricola Monte Robiglio

Stefano Mondo - Honey   Stefano Mondo - Honey

Based in Diano D'Alba, this business is run by Valerio Mondo, a passionate beekeeper for 30 years, along with his 21 year old son Stefano.
It mainly practices migratory beekeeping, following the blossom as it flowers over the year in the north west of Granda province.
The business is a member of the Slow Food High Mountain Honey Presidium. It has received recognition by winning various national, regional and Italo-French competitions with its high mountain, dandelion and rhododendron honeys.

Azienda agricola Mondo Valerio
Diano d'Alba (Cn)
Via Abelloni, 5
tel. +39 0173 69112

Azienda agricola Lo Struzzo Alpino - Ostrich products   Azienda agricola Lo Struzzo Alpino - Ostrich products

This family-run farm raises naturally-fed ostriches, with all processing carried out on site. Products include ostrich salami, traditional Langhe Tajarin pasta made with ostrich eggs; hen's eggs; truffles; Barolo DOCG and Dolcetto from Diano d'Alba DOC wines; and traditional desserts and cookies made using ostrich eggs (such as meringues, amaretti, brut ma bun, Basin d'Madama Rosin and cornmeal cookies).
It is part of the Fattoria Amica association founded by Coldiretti Cuneo, an organization which promotes the direct sale of produce and endorsement of food products assuring wholesomeness and quality. It offers guided tours for groups and school parties to learn about ostriches and has received an award from the Piedmont Regional Authority for its educational activities.

Az.Agr Lo Struzzo Alpino
di Proglio Mario
Tel. e Fax 0173 69302

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