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On Saturday June 26 the eighth Italian Earth Market, and second in Piedmont, was inaugurated.

The Amica Earth Market is held in Calamandrana, a small town in the Asti area with a traditional winegrowing background. The market is organized by the Calamandrana municipality with funding from the Piedmont Regional Authority and the participation of Coldiretti’s Campagna Amica Foundation, CIA, Slow Food Italy and Calamandrana’s Bottega del Vino.

The market is located in the Piazzale della Stazione, every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm, but also has a covered area available for use in winter. Visitors can buy seasonal fruit and vegetables, raw milk, wine, honey, preserves, cheese, cured meat and aromatic herbs. Also on sale will be the traditional Bèlécauda farinata made from chickpea flour baked in a wood-fired oven, and two Slow Food Presidia products: Nizza Monferrato Hunchback Cardoon and Roccaverano Robiola. Around 20 producers are present, all from the Calamandrana and Nizza Monferrato area, Asti Langa and Alessandria area.

Taste Workshops will be organized at intervals in the future to inform the public and enable people to fully appreciate the quality of local products. Food is also culture, so there are many opportunities to interact and socialize. Events will be organized to discuss small farming issues, respect for the land and biodiversity.



Mercato della Terra Amica di Calamandrana (AT)

Piazzale della Stazione

Every Saturday, from 9am to 1pm.


Contact: Bruno Spertino, Deputy Mayor of Calamandrana municipality:, 348.7228403


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