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The Mercado El 100 was started in Mexico City in October 2010 by the Lu'um association and is held every Sunday morning, alternating between two squares in the Colonia Roma area, Plaza Luis Cabrera and Plaza Río de Janeiro. The organizers want the market to be a showcase for fresh products and a place for meeting and exchanging experiences and knowledge, where people can come to learn about how to live in a way that is more respectful of the environment and others.


All the market's producers come from within a 100-mile radius (hence the name "el 100"), and it is still the only market for organic local producers in the Mexican capital. The producers are certified through a participatory system called "Sano, Rico, Justo, Local, Limpio," developed by the market itself. The organizers, producers and consumers all take part in checks on the farms and businesses, guaranteeing all aspects of the quality of the products.


The market has around 20 stalls and the producers rotate according to the seasons and product availability. Products on offer include fruits and vegetables, preserves, meat and other animal products, cheeses made using artisanal techniques, bread, sweets, spices and coffee, as well as non-edibles, like organic gardening supplies (compost, seeds) and natural cosmetics and cleaning products. Many of the vendors use their produce to make ready-to-eat food like tamales, tostadas and vegetarian dishes.
In 2013, the Mercado el 100 began collaborating with the local Slow Food Del Bosque Convivium. This led to it joining the Earth Markets network and the convivium to start organizing events at the market and educational activities for the producers and consumers.


The market is held every Sunday morning from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm, alternating between Plaza Luis Cabrera and Plaza Río de Janeiro.


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