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Jim Lyle - Beef   Jim Lyle - Beef

Brick House Farms has been providing farm fresh foods since 1943.  We are a fourth-generation family farm in Gaffney, South Carolina.  At the Earth Market, we sell 100% Grass-fed gourmet Heritage American Milking Devon and Angus beef.
Our animals are grown on pasture with no hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or animal by-products.  The animals are rotated to fresh pastures frequently. Our goal is to preserve some of the very rare heritage breeds that are so important in maintaining genetic diversity, while providing you and your family with wonderful, farm fresh all-natural foods.


Brick House Farms
Jim and Eve Lyle
1139 Brick House Road
Gaffney, SC 29340
Phone: 864-490-7108

Cassie Larsen - Meat and vegetables   Cassie Larsen - Meat and vegetables

Piney Woods Cattle, Ossabaw Island Pigs, Bourbon Red Turkeys and Navajo Churro Sheep, are just the beginning of the Ark of Taste products found at Little Creek Plantation.
Cassie also grows a wide assortment of vegetables, and they spin wool from their sheep. 
Animal Welfare is highly respected, and the turkeys are hugged everyday.
"Our farming philosophy is simple.  We care about and respect our animals and the land we share, and steward them accordingly.  Raising happy, healthy animals and organic produce."


Little Creek Plantation
Kurt and Cassie Larsen
1845 Turpentine Still Road
Brunson, SC 29911

Penny Parisi - Vegetables   Penny Parisi - Vegetables

Penny Parisi in Abbeville, South Carolina, farms with dedication to chemical free and sustainable farming, and spends two hours a day hand-picking the destructive Potato beetle from her plants and stomping them into the ground.  The results are delicious tasting potatoes, rich in flavor and healthy to digest.
Penny Parisi grows many varieties of clean delicious vegetables, and many vegetables that originated in Africa, but that became southern traditions as many of these arrived as seed in the pockets of slaves such as Okra, Watermelon, and greens like Kale.  Kale is a vegetable that is also eaten throughout southeastern Africa, where it is typically boiled with coconut milk and ground peanuts and is served with rice or boiled cornmeal, traditions that follow the traditions of USA southern cooking.


Parisi Farms
Penny Parisi
1398 Flat Rock Road,
Abbeville, SC 29620

Chris Sermons - Vegetables   Chris Sermons - Vegetables

Chris Sermons maintains a certified organic farm in Ware Shoals, South Carolina, based on Perma-Culture Design Principles, a farming design that is self sustaining.  His crops include traditional vegetables found on the plates of southern homes, like collard greens, kale, okra, eggplant, tomatoes and beans.  Particularly interesting, Chris cultivates a "Forest Garden" on the woodlands of the farm, where under-story plants used in teas or infusions grow.
New Jersey Tea grows on the side of the woods, a native plant that was used during the Revolutionary War when the "Great Tea Party" dumped all of the English Tea in Boston harbor. Muscadines, a grape native to the southeastern U.S.A. and one of traditional southern homemade jams is grown as well.


BioWay Farm
Chris Sermons
197 Bio Way
Ware Shoals, South Carolina

Charlotte Anderson - Honey and beeswax candles   Charlotte Anderson - Honey and beeswax candles

Charlotte and her bees, along with a few chickens and Nubian goats and a husband, live in the Piedmont of South Carolina, the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  Besides wildflower honey, beeswax candles, and beeswax and goat milk soaps, Charlotte and her bees create one of the best Ark of Taste Sourwood Honeys in the southeast.  The Sourwood trees grow only in specific altitudes, and make many demands on nature for blooming which makes this honey indeed a rare treat.


Carolina Honeybees
Charlotte Anderson
Pickens, SC

Julie Thompson-Adolf - Ark of Taste Plants   Julie Thompson-Adolf - Ark of Taste Plants

Garden Delights is a backyard nursery, where Julie Thompson-Adolf grows heirloom vegetable plants for those who plant their own diverse home garden.
Julie cares deeply for the earth and protecting bio-diversity and says that these plants "tell fabulous stories like your favorite aunt." In particular, the story of the Cherokee Purple tomato or the Cherokee Trail of Tears beans, plants grown from seeds collected from the famous "Trail of Tears" the road along which the tribe of Cherokee people were lead into their exile and ultimate deaths.  As they were forced to leave their homes, they planted these seeds along the road so they could find their way back one day.  Although this dismal story ended in sadness, the delicious flavor and history lives again in the southern kitchens and gardens.


Garden Delights
Julie Thompson-Adolf
104 S. Staunton Ct.
Moore, SC 29369


Chris and Terry Noel - Ark of Taste vegetables   Chris and Terry Noel - Ark of Taste vegetables

Chris and Teri Noel lovingly and carefully tend 45 acres near the Greenville Spartanburg county line, using all natural and sustainable methods.
They grow many varieties of heirloom vegetables, many of which are on the Ark of Taste, like Crowder peas, Cherokee Purple tomatoes, and Crane melons, a melon that most often is never found in commercial stores.
Chris proudly drives his great grandfather's 1959 Allis Chalmers tractor to plow his fields, and has pledged to hand it over to his son when he retires.


Limestone Farms
Chris and Terry Noel
Berry Shoals Rd.
Greer, SC 29650

Daniel Parson - Organically grown vegetables   Daniel Parson - Organically grown vegetables

The farm is located on Bush River at The Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast just South of Clinton on SC Highway 56. Two acres of pasture have been converted into an intensive vegetable production garden using organic methods. The gardens support a diversity of crops, including almost every vegetable except corn. If you visit the Farmhouse bed and breakfast, expect to see a patchwork of vibrant colors due to the crop rotations of vegetables, lush legumes, and blooming annuals. Winner of the 2009 Georgia Organics Georgia Land Steward of the Year award

Parson Produce
Daniel Parson
3111 Highway 56 South
Clinton, SC 29325





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