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The Horn Earth Market is coordinated by Helmut Hundliger, leader of the Slow Food Waldviertel Convivium - one of Austria's most active. The convivium is the heart and soul of the market: it is part of the organizing committee, plans events (cultural and gastronomic activities, wine tastings, concerts and theater performances) and runs the communication. It also promotes the project, "Food education and a healthy life," where children learn where their food comes from and how to cook.


Horn is a small town with 6,000 inhabitants in the eastern region of Waldviertel, close to the region of Wachau, at the border with Czech Republic. A Slow City, Horn is very active, with a packed program of events and a solid local community. Every second and fourth Saturday (except January and February), from 9 am to 1 pm, 20 or so producers meet in the city's historical square.


All producers come from within a 40 kilometers radius. They come bearing fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses, herbal infusions, cured meats, bread and bakery products, pasta, grains, wines, spirits, liqueurs, free range poultry, and freshwater lake and river fish. Five Ark of Taste products can also be found at the market: Waldstaudekorn, a variety of rye soon to become a Presidium; Waldschaf, a sheep breed, literally "of the forest;" Waldviertler Blondvieh, a native cattle breed; Roter Veltliner, an ancient grape variety; Waldviertel Kriecherl, a plum variety from Waldviertel; and saffron from the Wachauer Saffron Presidium.


Many of them are certified by Bio Austria or Demeter (for biodynamic products) while five use a self-certification system. Furthermore, the producers involved sign an agreement with the convivium in which they commit to selling good, clean and fair products at fair prices.

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List of producers:

Bigl Christian (potatoes)
3800 Merkenbrechts 34


Potocnik Friedrich (organic bakery)
3902 Jetzleserstraße 5


Deutsch Rainer Turopolje (pig breeder)
3800 Merkenbrechts 9


Gillinger Andrea (jam)
3550 Langenlois
Weingartenweg 11


Höritzauer Andreas (infusions and donkey milk)
3800 Merkenbrechts 1


Hundlinger Christian und Birgit (honey)

3580 Mühlfeld 63


Muschl Thomas Fischzucht (fresh and smoked fish)
3524 Großreinprechts 55


Nendwich Andreas (sheep breeder and processor)
3753 Pernegg 15


Rossnagl Christian und Sabine (fruit and juice)
3580 Großburgstall 34


Schober Roman (meat and meat products)
3571 Gars- Thunau am Kamp
Dreifaltigkeitsplatz 10


Wögerbauer Niko und Tristan Toè (vegetables)
Gemüsekistl Etzelsreith
3753 Etzelsreith 15


Haslinger Roman (free range poultry)
2153 Patzmannsdorf 69


Winkelhofer Andreas (game)
3580 Horn, Breiteneich 8


Schiller Simon (raw milk, butter and raw-milk cheese)
3742 Theras, Theras 17


Heger Gerhard (beer)
3580 Horn, Hans Kipplstraße 25


Ark of Taste:
Allram Martin (vegetables, grains and pasta)
3595 Dietmannsdorf Waldstaudekorn


Hohenecker Markus Waldschaf (vegetables)
3564 Plank/Kamp Kremserstraße 6


Organizing committee:
Helmut Hundlinger - market manager and press office
Gerhard Heger - coordinator
Birgit Hundlinger - treasurer
Martin Allram - producer
Andreas Winkelhofer - producer


Helmut Hundlinger
3580 Horn,
Johann Streiner Straße 7
phone: +43 676 6228111
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