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Tzon-El Dairy - Zipori   Tzon-El Dairy - Zipori

A wide assortment of Artisan Farmstead Style Goat Cheeses. Soft cheeses, French Style White Flora Cheeses, Italian style semi-hard and hard cheeses, a selection of Triple Cream Cheeses and delicate yogurts.


Zion Cohen - Tkuma   Zion Cohen - Tkuma

A great variety of cherry tomatoes – Red: Baby Plum: Sweet Baby Plum Santa Type: Sante Midi San Marzano type: Contralto, Mini San Marzano type: Soprano, Tiger - Striped Cherry: Tiger Eye Striped Midi plum: Tiger Red & Gold Striped Midi Plum: Golden Tiger, Striped Baby plum : Mini Tiger, Pink - Midi Plum: Pink Martini, Brown - Brown Baby Plum: Chocolitos.


Ami Berkovich - Sha'al   Ami Berkovich - Sha'al

A variety of berries:  blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, redcurrant and blackberries. Biodiversity of apples - Fuji, Starking, Golden delicious, granny smith, Yonatan, Gala and rare species of apples, such as "Grand Alexander". In addition, apples confiture and apple juice, raspberries confiture and sauce.


Eitan Segal - Nativ Ha'asara   Eitan Segal - Nativ Ha'asara

Tasty cucumbers, both small and medium size, all grown with a biological pest control. The additional benefit – hand made pickles, with no preservatives 

Galai Winery - Nir Akiva   Galai Winery - Nir Akiva

Galai wines are Estate, Single Vineyard, Unfiltered and aged in oak barrels. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sweetie (Port), won both Terravino and Israeli medals. The winery currently produces 5,000 to 7,000 bottles annually, "hand made" by the family only.


Ansh'ei Haza'it - Sde Uziya   Ansh'ei Haza'it - Sde Uziya

A high quality olive oil from various varieties of olives: Nabali (Nablus, Israel), Syrian (originally from Lebanon), Barnea (Kadesh Barnea, Israel), Fishulin (French), Koratina (Italian). In addition, pickled olives: Syrian, Picual (Spanish), Santa (Spanish) - natural and with herbs, chili and lemon.


Rafi Shwartz - Liman   Rafi Shwartz - Liman

High quality mango, bananas, avocado, annona (sweetsop), citrus fruits (peelable and oranges), Pitaya fruit and Dragon balls, persimmon, litchi, nuts: walnuts, pecans, macadamia and chestnuts and a variety of honey.


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