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July's Earth Market in Greenville, SC

Third edition for the Greenville Earth Market in Upstate, South Carolina, on Thursday, July 21, 2-6 pm, on the grounds at the Michael McDunn Gallery. The market will be the first Earth Market in the United States.


Special Event at the June, July and August Greenville Earth Markets is "Sensational!" How We Taste Sensory Workshop.
Slow Food supports an innovative approach to food and taste education based on the reawakening and training of the senses and the study of food from land to table. Taste and sensory education highlights the importance of the senses in our orientation because orientation has a determining influence on how we define our consumption choices and lifestyles. Many industrial products are based on repetition of flavors, and with ‘always-the-same taste' combined with the massive overuse of sweeteners, salt and artificial flavorings that leads to a progressive decrease in taste sensitivity, which in turn, increases the use of these additives, and in many ways supports an increase in obesity and many other health problems. We risk irredeemably compromising our potential to make differentiated choices, transforming us into "robot" consumers, guided by senses which are increasingly unable to distinguish and select. The taste education experiences will help children, parents and teachers and all adults, to recognize and interpret sensory stimuli and to become more aware in their food choices.
Please allow some extra time to participate. Perfect for everyone, kids and adults.



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July's Earth Market in Greenville, SC

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