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Caribbean Saturday morning

A taste of San Juan Farmers Market, in Puerto Rico, soon entering the Earth Markets network.


It’s 6 am in the morning, farmers are arriving with their loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. The unmistakable aroma of fresh bread perfumes throughout the air, and from the other side of the square, highlights the vibrant colors of flowers from the Caribbean fields... It's Saturday morning, our market day... but the year is not 1857, it’s 2011. The  market in Old San Juan is reborn; with the same integrity as our ancestors


Every Saturday the Natural agricultural market opens its doors to 8:00am – 1:00pm. The Museum of San Juan is also the location of the organic market. It was located on Old Cuartel Ballajá, it now has more space to offer to the public, plus a greater variety products from around the country. Now count the sale of fruit and vegetables, fresh bread, fruit juices, creams made with herbal medicines (as in the old days), water coconut with natural sorbetos, flowers and plants of singular beauty, more an assortment of dishes and prepared foods - to be the morning feast plan.    


The producers are committed to bring the best natural and organic products throughout the island. They also educate the public about the advantages of eating "natural fresh foods".


Located between the streets Norzagaray and San Sebastián, the market square is just steps from the parking lot of Ballajá.

A perfect Saturday? A walk through the Norzagaray Street with breezes and a terrific view of the sea, go shopping at the marketplace in old San Juan, learn and try new things, taste the delicious samples offered by our market and... most important... enjoy what our earth produces.


The market began with a few friends who shared a passionate interest in introducing healthy and environmentally sustainable products of local organic farmers and cottage entrepreneurs to fellow residents of Old San Juan and its visitors. We envisioned a meeting place of education, fun, beauty and nutritious delights. After several months of intensive searching and researching, in March 2010, our grass roots volunteers launched Mercado Agrícola Natural Viejo San Juan, the first organic farmers market in Old San Juan. We are especially pleased to host our market place within the noble arches and century's old walls of the San Juan Museum, indeed, reviving its original purpose - to house the community market. Thanks to enthusiastic community response and support from all ranks, we are growing and expanding and evolving into quite the weekly happening. We’re dedicated for the long haul; it is our intention to continue to encourage and bring to you more variety and quantity of what the island produces... organically, sustainably and with love. We appreciate your interest ~ see you at the market!


Bartus Allen – Slow Food Boricua

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Caribbean Saturday morning Caribbean Saturday morning Caribbean Saturday morning Caribbean Saturday morning

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