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The Targul Taranului of Bucharest becomes an Earth Market

The international Earth Markets network is further expanding. Bucharest's Targul Taranului (literally "farmers' market") opened for the first time in 2007 on the occasion of the European Film Festival. It is now a becoming a regular fixture.

The international Earth Markets network is further expanding now that the Slow Food International President's Committee has approved the candidature of Bucharest's Targul Taranului (literally "farmers' market").

The market opened for the first time in 2007 on the occasion of the European Film Festival in Bucharest, becoming a regular fixture from April 2008. It is held every Saturday and Sunday from April to October in the area around ARK - Bursa Marfurilor, an 18th century building recently renovated to provide a venue for conferences and cultural events.

The project involves around 50 producers, coming from a distance of up to 250 km from Bucharest. Each edition of the market hosts 25 stands and a great variety of artisan produce, ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables to Transylvanian preserves, meat and cured meats to cheese (including of course Slow Food Presidium Branza de Burduf).

The inclusion of the market in the Earth Markets network follows technical support from the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. The Targul Taranului has adopted the criteria defined by Slow Food to assure product quality and organizational methods, adapting them to the Romanian socioeconomic situation, which was significantly conditioned by the 40 years of centralized planning last century. This ability to take account of different food cultures in various parts of the world is one of the project's major strengths.

The Targul Taranului is organized by the NGO Radu Anton Roman, which takes its name from the most important promoter of Romanian food culture. The market Alliance includes the recently created Slow Food Bucharest convivium (Valahia Gusturilor), the Adept Foundation (which supports the Saxon Villages Preserves Presidium), the Bucharest Museum of Rural Life and the company DC Communication.

Romania is the fourth country to officially enter the international Earth Markets project (after Italy, Lebanon and Israel); other Romanian convivia are working to set up more markets in rural areas far away from the capital.



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