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Targul Taranului

Bucharest - The re-opening of the Targul Taranului Earth Market after its closure for the winter was a very anticipated event, not only for recommencing the market ...but also as it marked the long-awaited inauguration of the Slow Food Information Center. 

In a well-located spot, the information centre (managed by our Convivium) highlights local products, gives information about the producers and the biodiversity of their regions, as well as provides information and publications that help communicate the values behind Slow Food.

Many friends and supporters came to meet producers from around Bucharest and taste local products such as goat's, sheep's and cow's milk cheeses, berry jams, smoked meat and trout, wine and homemade cookies. People gathered around “conviviality tables”, enjoying two sorts of ciorba (borsch), artisanal distilled drinks, and sides of hot onions and peppers prepared by three local cooks. Media were also present. The act of gathering around food, together with friends and strangers, gave us much joy and a great opportunity to celebrate our history and identity.

On this occasion, Slow Food Valahia Gusturilor also opened a bookstore to provide “food for thought” in the large hall of ARK Bursa Marfurilor, the old Italian architecture heritage building built by Giulio Magni and recently renovated. We have also just launched the second issue of the Slow Food Romania newsletter which covers the activities of all the convivia around the country.

The Targul Taranului Earth Market is open every weekend and features regular events centered around the importance of food.

Tiberiu Cazacioc
Leader of Slow Food Valahia Gusturilor Convivium

Click here to see a video about the event


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